Meet the Team – Leslie

Hi, Iā€™m Leslie and I have used Doggie Trots in the past for my own pets and now I am lucky enough to be able to work with them!

My current cat, Furman, will not allow me to open our home to other animals right now. She has had to share me with multiple dogs and other cats, and now that she is the only one (our last dog, Lassie, passed a couple years ago), she has put her paw(s) down and demanded me to herself! (You see who has the power in my household!) That said, I need to get my dog fix somehow, so working for Doggie Trots fulfills that need.

My companions have required different healthcare regimens during their lifetimes and with instructions from veterinarians, I have become comfortable and adept at administering medications and even subcutaneous hydration for felines. You can rest assured that I will care for your companions like I would care for my own, with compassion, gentleness, and patience.

It will be my pleasure to provide your companion with the time and attention that you want and expect from a caregiver. Thank you for your trust in me and Doggie Trots.