Meet the Team – Samantha

Hello! My name is Samantha and I founded Doggie Trots in September of 2011. I am a lifelong lover of animals and especially all things dog related.




Before I decided to start this business I had spent much of my time volunteering in animal shelters and rescues helping those pups who have had it rough. While there I learned to care for dogs from all kinds of different backgrounds with lots of different quirks.

When I’m not working with other people’s animals I enjoy crocheting, drawing, reading, attending shows at Playhouse Square, playing video games, and hanging out with my own animals. Our little zoo currently consists of one dog, three cats, a Russian tortoise, three crested geckos, a bearded dragon,  four freshwater fish tanks with lots of different aquatic life, three toads, eight different species of land snails, and the list is always changing and growing!